Video Biography 1; A day in the studio with mando manderin

mando manderin from birds animations on Vimeo.

Here is the first of our video biographies produced collaboratively.

The plan: to make a short animated film that paints a picture of the working lives of each of us, not only showing you the different skills we use on a daily basis but also giving you a glimpse into the spaces we work in.

Stay tuned for Annie and Katell’s video biographies, I hope you enjoy mine and learn a little bit more about what I do! Mandy.

Cornelli stitch

We unravelled  this Cornelli stitch and loved the effect, so we’re thinking of ways to use it in our next animation.

animating dogs

Alongside working on our second animated story, we’ve been working together to produce individual video biographies. Each one depicts the various activities and skills that make up our day to day. These will give you an insight on why we came together and will demonstrate the combined techniques we’ll be using to make our next film…

A tale of perseverance and lunar love

A tale of perseverance and lunar love



One Hop

This is the first project we did as birds animations back in June 2010. Having been separated by the channel since then, we’re getting excited about our next project now we’re on common soil. More on that soon…